April Giveaway Winners Announced!


April Monthly Giveaway Winners Announced!!! Nine West Shopper Tote Bags from Nordstrom Rack/Hautelook was awarded to two winners. The totes are valued at $200(+) each and I also included some brand new Thirty-One items inside each tote as an added bonus.

The Black/Gray tote was awarded to Cheryl M of North Dakota. Congratulations Cheryl!

The Brown tote was awarded to Amy O. of South Carolina. Congratulations Amy!

The May giveaway will be announced shortly!


Duggy, The Smile in the Sky!

013I ran across this beauty at the airport this weekend. What is this huge yellow Duggy?

“Duggy, The Smile in the Sky,” is the “spokesplane” for the National Aviation Hall of Fame’s SkyReach educational program.

Click on this link to the article about the Duggy, The Smile in the Sky.

***This first picture I took. The second picture belongs to the author of the above mentioned article.


Scarves and Pashminas Haul

027 028 031036I scored some awesome deals on end of season items. I got some awesome scarves and pashminas for next fall/winter.

I purchased some of these from Thredup; American Eagle; Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren; Express; Forever 21; Club Monaco; Banana Republic; Paula BiancoJ. Crew; and Christopher & Banks.

This first photo shows the awesome pashminas. (Two in pink, one plum, and one black and silver)

The second photo shows the awesome cashmere scarves I purchased. (One brown, one royal blue, one pink, and one charcoal, gray, and white)

The third photo shows some knit and acrylic scarves. (Royal blue, aqua, blue, peach and coral, and black)

The last photo shows come awesome scarves I picked up at Christopher & Banks. (Hot pink, black infinity, and hot pink and white)

I will not be keeping all of these for my own personal use. I will donate half of these to charity along with the winter scarf/hat/gloves set I picked up and blogged about in a previous post.

The sales are just too great to miss and pay it forward to those who need these items. Some are warm weather scarves and some are accessory scarves.

I have donated all but 10 scarves already to charity this year out of my personal wardrobe.

I am trying to keep my wardrobe to 10 scarves or less. Anytime I purchase a new one I will add one from my existing collection to charity.

Thredup…New Bag Addiction

My newest bag addiction comes via Thredup.com and I thought I would share my love with all of you. I saved almost 400 bucks on a Tory Burch bag new with tags. Check it out…new and used items for women and children.








Here are a few other awesome handbags I scored from Thredup for a fraction of the retail price!
Can you say “Score”? Whoop Whoop! I saved almost $1500 total off retail price for these handbags from Thredup.



These are both Rebecca Minkoff Purses. The red one is new with tags and the brown one was marked practically new and I don’t believe it was used at all. Perfect condition!





The pink bag is a Steve Madden bag that is new with tags and the tan/taupe bag is a Juicy Couture tote marked practically new and shows absolutely no wear.





These two are probably my favorite handbag scores from Thredup. The black/charcoal gray purse is a brand new Tory Burch purse which makes me a very smitten kitten! LOVE IT!

The turquoise is a Kate Spade marked as practically new and I can’t see any use or wear at all.


I have a bag addiction, I can admit it. I just like to be organized and prepared. But in all fairness, I did donate 14 purses to charity last month and almost as many to charity this month.

I did bid on a Rebecca Minkoff bag at a charity auction for Feed America and it looks like I may be top bidder, so I will be adding just one more bag. But that is it…I will get rid of one bag for any new bag I add to my wardrobe. It is good to have a plan.

Target Clothing Haul: Mossimo

001002I have been busy…choosing to be happy! It sounds funny but it is true. I have been storing clothes in smaller and larger sizes for so long as my weight has fluctuated over the years. Anyway, every time I go into the closet, I see those clothes and I start to feel bad about myself. It is weird to hear that…but it is true. I had some beautiful clothes that were in great shape and were expensive at the time, but that is not the reason to keep them. They should be donated to someone who could love them and wear them now.

So…I got rid of my smaller sizes as it wasn’t fair to me to constantly have the reminder that I used to be smaller and that just sets me up for failure. So…I read a wonderful book and the gist of the book was choosing to be happy…and that we can control our happiness to some extent. So…I chose to get rid of all the clothes that were too small and a constant reminder and also the ones I had in a bigger size.

So I can happily say, that for the first time in almost 20 years, everything in my closet fits me! And what a great feeling it is to hear and see it!

I have done some shopping since the first of the year at Tj Maxx, Kohls, Eddie Bauer, and Target to fill the holes in my wardrobe. The biggest amount of items are staple items from Target. I purchased 42 pieces…which sounds like a lot…and it is…but considering the amount of clothes that I got rid of and some were just worn out…it was time. I purchased camisoles, tanks, capris, shorts, jeans, sweaters, blouses, long sleeve tanks, skirts, and other lightweight tops.

I am a tall girl with some curves so it is usually very difficult to find clothes to fit my body. Either the arm length is too short; it clings tight to the chest; or it lays funny at my hips. So some of these items I purchased fit all of my requirements and actually were quite flattering so I purchased several in several different colors. I have always done this. I wear one until it is ready to be replaced and then I pull out the exact same top and remove the tags and then wear it until it has lived a long full life.

I hate clothing shopping for myself…I always have. I think it is because it is so difficult to find clothes to fit my body and then to find clothes that fit tall and healthy body types.  So…please don’t judge the amount of clothes that I have purchased the last few months….it will be years before I do that again.

The thing I like about the Target clothes I purchased is the brand Mossimo. He manages to design clothes that fit most body styles…most importantly they fit me! I don’t wear any other brand at Target because they don’t fit. I love that the Mossimo brand is inexpensive yet has the look of higher end clothes. The softness of the pieces are amazing and the fit even more amazing!

I love Eddie Bauer and I love the jeans they sell. I need the extra length and it is really hard to find pants with a long enough inseam for me without having to wear men jeans. So I did stock up on jeans and other staples. Tj Maxx I was able to find just a couple of pieces but they can be worn all year long, so it was worth paying the higher price, or at least that is how I rationalized the purchases.

Anyway, the morale of the story is to choose to be happy. The amount of clothes I purchased did not make me happy, but the fact that I accepted myself the way I am and chose to remove the negativity invoking items in my closet has made me happy.

I have down sized my handbags, scarves, makeup, etc… It makes me feel so much happier without the excess. It is the small things that make me happy. Here is to the next small step in finding happiness.

New Shoes…New Storage (The Container Store)

container store stackable shoe rackI love The Container Store…and I wish we had one closer.

If you have followed me, you know that I have been buying shoes like they are going out of style. Well…Target and Tj Maxx are really just rocking a great shoe line this spring so I had to snatch them up while I still could.

Obviously, I do own other shoes but with this influx of the new shoes I feel the pressure to find a better solution than my existing one.

My closet is new and has built in storage for shoes, handbags, etc…but, it just isn’t feasible for me to keep my seasonal shoes out and then store other seasonal shoes in boxes hidden in the back of my closet until next season.

I don’t know where you live, but here in the Midwest, spring has been quite off. One day it is in the 70 degree range and the next day it is snowing 3+ inches. I feel that I have may jinxed the weather this year. I prematurely packed away my heavy winter sweaters, boots, scarves, etc…trying to embrace the changing of the seasons. Well…wouldn’t you know it…that is when it began to snow again. Then it was warm for a whole week and I purchased summer clothes, capris, etc…and then it began to turn cold. Seriously…do you think I have the power to jinx the weather? Hmm…

Boy…I really went off track there. Back to the shoe issue, I found these awesome two-tier mesh stackable shoe shelves online at The Container Store that I am going to use. I just ordered three of these…which is way more than I need but it would be nice to have all of my shoes organized within easy reach.

I will post a before and after picture when they arrive. Well…since I am all kinds of crazy…part of me wants to turn the spare bedroom into a walk in closet so maybe the after picture will be a drastic one. Do you think I am crazy for considering to do this? I just checked out Pinterest last night for some ideas and what a relief it was to know that I am not the only one out there who has considered this. I am excited about the possibility of having more organization. I am excited about the prospect of my clothing not being wrinkled because they are crammed into a small space (disclaimer…I don’t like to iron so some of the clothes go in wrinkled).




Drink More with a Life Factory Water bottle

life factory


I am trying to drink more water and I thought maybe I just needed a better water bottle. I do not use plastic so I was on the hunt for a new glass water bottle. I ran across this 22-ounce reusable glass beverage bottle from Life Factory. It comes with a protective silicone sleeve and work-out friendly straw drinking cap. I love the shape of the bottle in my hand. I love the bright colors of the sleeve which should make it easier for me not to misplace.

The straw cap is spill-proof which is another added bonus. I love the fact that it fits in the cup holders on the treadmill and in my car. With warmer weather approaching, I am excited to have a water bottle that I can throw in some ice cubes or frozen lemon slices without any hassle. The straw cap is medical-grade silicone (non-plastic) straw.

I do own a glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve from Starbucks, but the shape of the bottle and the wide mouth opening caused lots of spills.  On this one, the non-slip silicone sleeve offers secure grip and helps protect against breakage.

I love that this bottle is reusable and I will not be filling up the landfills with plastic bottles. It offers health aspects as well. Obviously it aids in healthy hydration. The bottle and cap are BPA/BPS-free with no phthalates, PVC, or polycarbonates. This was the most important factor for me when I was researching water bottles and anything for food storage for that matter. I love glass…glass is best.

If you chose to put this in the dishwasher instead of hand washing, rest assured that the bottle and the sleeve are dishwasher safe and don’t need to be separated when washing. The cap and straw are only top-rack safe.

I purchased mine on Amazon. I love Amazon they always have such great deals. So many choices in color….but I chose the hot pink color, raspberry. The color makes me happy and I choose to be happy.

It costs about $20-25 as they are available in different sizes. I went with the biggest one because I feel I will drink more this way and I won’t need to keep refilling a smaller one.

This is one of my new favorite things so I thought I should share the love.


April Monthly Giveaway: Nine West and Thirty-One


imageApril Monthly Giveaway is two Nine West Shopper Tote Bags from Nordstrom Rack/Hautelook. I will be giving away both of these Totes this month. They are valued at $200 each and will be awarded to two winners this month!

As an added bonus, I will be filling each bag with some new Thirty-One products. How fun is that!?! This is the biggest giveaway yet and to two winners instead of one! Whoop whoop!

How do you register to win?

1) You need to be an Organized Bag Lady Facebook follower. www.facebook.com/Organizedbags

2) You must leave a comment to this month’s question below. The question for this month’s drawing is: If you are the winner, which pattern would you like to receive? That’s it! It is just that easy! You have until the last day of April to register to win. Tell your family and friends…anyone can be the winner! You must be over 18 years of age to register to win or have parental permission to register. Good luck!!


March Monthly Giveaway Winner Announced!

timless beauty bag sephora gift cardCongratulations to Lisa B. for winning the March Monthly Giveaway of a Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag and a gift certificate to Sephora! The value of the Timeless Beauty Bag is $25 and the gift certificate to Sephora is worth $50.

Don’t forget to register for the April Monthly Giveaway being announced shortly!

TJ Maxx Shoe Haul (Spring 2015)

April 2015 059I made one stop at TJ Maxx and made a haul. Boy…I hit the jackpot! I happened across designer shoes at an incredible deal! I purchased a pair of Tory Burch Flats, 3 pairs of Coach shoes, and one pair of Aerosol shoes.

The Tory Burch Flats are very comfortable. I probably should have gone up a half of a size larger but they looked wide and I thought they would have been too big. This is my first pair of Tory Burch shoes and the thing I like the most is the color and the fact that they are flats. Being 6 feet tall…I have had such trouble finding flat shoes…flat shoes that are comfortable I mean.

April 2015 061 April 2015 062Ok…I got a little crazy here. I didn’t need two pairs of Coach shoes. I had trouble picking a pair…I had more silver/grey/black clothing but I have been getting more brown/gold clothing. It was too hard so I caved and bought both. I knew if I didn’t buy them both I would have regretted not buying the pair I left behind.

I did get a heck of a deal on them. I paid 1/3 of the value of these shoes…but still, I didn’t need them. I felt that I had hit the jackpot on shoes and since I have been skunked the last three times I had been to TJ Maxx I rationalized it.

April 2015 060This is the Coach pair I had to have! It was love at first sight. They didn’t scream “I am Coach shoes” they just looked like a great pair of silver/grey shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! Even more comfortable than all of my Merrells! Now that is saying something. Sometimes my love for TJ Maxx is so deep. Is it weird that I love Tj Maxx or that I love these shoes almost more than life itself? Well maybe not that strong…but comfort on your feet on a long day makes a world of a difference. Way to go Coach…way to go Tj Maxx!

April 2015 074I purchased my first pair of Aerosoles. I have never heard anyone talk about this brand of shoe before but these were perfect for the outfit I was planning on wearing for the second day of the conference. My feet were killing me from the shoes I had worn on day one of the conference. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and dive in and scoop up these babies. They were very comfortable in the store…so what did I have to lose? I still had the terrible shoes at the hotel that didn’t live to see the next day. Yes…I gave those old shoes a guided tour to the trash.

To my surprise, these were very comfortable and my feet thanked me all day that day. I asked a few of the ladies at the conference if they had ever had a pair of Aerosoles and they said yes…they are awesome! It seems strange that I hadn’t heard of them before…or maybe I had and it just fell out of my brain. My brain gets so full some days that some stuff just has to spill out. But seriously, I will be purchasing Aerosoles again in the future…they are a good shoe worth trying.