New Shoes…New Storage (The Container Store)

container store stackable shoe rackI love The Container Store…and I wish we had one closer.

If you have followed me, you know that I have been buying shoes like they are going out of style. Well…Target and Tj Maxx are really just rocking a great shoe line this spring so I had to snatch them up while I still could.

Obviously, I do own other shoes but with this influx of the new shoes I feel the pressure to find a better solution than my existing one.

My closet is new and has built in storage for shoes, handbags, etc…but, it just isn’t feasible for me to keep my seasonal shoes out and then store other seasonal shoes in boxes hidden in the back of my closet until next season.

I don’t know where you live, but here in the Midwest, spring has been quite off. One day it is in the 70 degree range and the next day it is snowing 3+ inches. I feel that I have may jinxed the weather this year. I prematurely packed away my heavy winter sweaters, boots, scarves, etc…trying to embrace the changing of the seasons. Well…wouldn’t you know it…that is when it began to snow again. Then it was warm for a whole week and I purchased summer clothes, capris, etc…and then it began to turn cold. Seriously…do you think I have the power to jinx the weather? Hmm…

Boy…I really went off track there. Back to the shoe issue, I found these awesome two-tier mesh stackable shoe shelves online at The Container Store that I am going to use. I just ordered three of these…which is way more than I need but it would be nice to have all of my shoes organized within easy reach.

I will post a before and after picture when they arrive. Well…since I am all kinds of crazy…part of me wants to turn the spare bedroom into a walk in closet so maybe the after picture will be a drastic one. Do you think I am crazy for considering to do this? I just checked out Pinterest last night for some ideas and what a relief it was to know that I am not the only one out there who has considered this. I am excited about the possibility of having more organization. I am excited about the prospect of my clothing not being wrinkled because they are crammed into a small space (disclaimer…I don’t like to iron so some of the clothes go in wrinkled).




Drink More with a Life Factory Water bottle

life factory


I am trying to drink more water and I thought maybe I just needed a better water bottle. I do not use plastic so I was on the hunt for a new glass water bottle. I ran across this 22-ounce reusable glass beverage bottle from Life Factory. It comes with a protective silicone sleeve and work-out friendly straw drinking cap. I love the shape of the bottle in my hand. I love the bright colors of the sleeve which should make it easier for me not to misplace.

The straw cap is spill-proof which is another added bonus. I love the fact that it fits in the cup holders on the treadmill and in my car. With warmer weather approaching, I am excited to have a water bottle that I can throw in some ice cubes or frozen lemon slices without any hassle. The straw cap is medical-grade silicone (non-plastic) straw.

I do own a glass water bottle with a silicone sleeve from Starbucks, but the shape of the bottle and the wide mouth opening caused lots of spills.  On this one, the non-slip silicone sleeve offers secure grip and helps protect against breakage.

I love that this bottle is reusable and I will not be filling up the landfills with plastic bottles. It offers health aspects as well. Obviously it aids in healthy hydration. The bottle and cap are BPA/BPS-free with no phthalates, PVC, or polycarbonates. This was the most important factor for me when I was researching water bottles and anything for food storage for that matter. I love glass…glass is best.

If you chose to put this in the dishwasher instead of hand washing, rest assured that the bottle and the sleeve are dishwasher safe and don’t need to be separated when washing. The cap and straw are only top-rack safe.

I purchased mine on Amazon. I love Amazon they always have such great deals. So many choices in color….but I chose the hot pink color, raspberry. The color makes me happy and I choose to be happy.

It costs about $20-25 as they are available in different sizes. I went with the biggest one because I feel I will drink more this way and I won’t need to keep refilling a smaller one.

This is one of my new favorite things so I thought I should share the love.


April Monthly Giveaway: Nine West and Thirty-One


imageApril Monthly Giveaway is two Nine West Shopper Tote Bags from Nordstrom Rack/Hautelook. I will be giving away both of these Totes this month. They are valued at $200 each and will be awarded to two winners this month!

As an added bonus, I will be filling each bag with some new Thirty-One products. How fun is that!?! This is the biggest giveaway yet and to two winners instead of one! Whoop whoop!

How do you register to win?

1) You need to be an Organized Bag Lady Facebook follower.

2) You must leave a comment to this month’s question below. The question for this month’s drawing is: If you are the winner, which pattern would you like to receive? That’s it! It is just that easy! You have until the last day of April to register to win. Tell your family and friends…anyone can be the winner! You must be over 18 years of age to register to win or have parental permission to register. Good luck!!


March Monthly Giveaway Winner Announced!

timless beauty bag sephora gift cardCongratulations to Lisa B. for winning the March Monthly Giveaway of a Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag and a gift certificate to Sephora! The value of the Timeless Beauty Bag is $25 and the gift certificate to Sephora is worth $50.

Don’t forget to register for the April Monthly Giveaway being announced shortly!

TJ Maxx Shoe Haul (Spring 2015)

April 2015 059I made one stop at TJ Maxx and made a haul. Boy…I hit the jackpot! I happened across designer shoes at an incredible deal! I purchased a pair of Tory Burch Flats, 3 pairs of Coach shoes, and one pair of Aerosol shoes.

The Tory Burch Flats are very comfortable. I probably should have gone up a half of a size larger but they looked wide and I thought they would have been too big. This is my first pair of Tory Burch shoes and the thing I like the most is the color and the fact that they are flats. Being 6 feet tall…I have had such trouble finding flat shoes…flat shoes that are comfortable I mean.

April 2015 061 April 2015 062Ok…I got a little crazy here. I didn’t need two pairs of Coach shoes. I had trouble picking a pair…I had more silver/grey/black clothing but I have been getting more brown/gold clothing. It was too hard so I caved and bought both. I knew if I didn’t buy them both I would have regretted not buying the pair I left behind.

I did get a heck of a deal on them. I paid 1/3 of the value of these shoes…but still, I didn’t need them. I felt that I had hit the jackpot on shoes and since I have been skunked the last three times I had been to TJ Maxx I rationalized it.

April 2015 060This is the Coach pair I had to have! It was love at first sight. They didn’t scream “I am Coach shoes” they just looked like a great pair of silver/grey shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own! Even more comfortable than all of my Merrells! Now that is saying something. Sometimes my love for TJ Maxx is so deep. Is it weird that I love Tj Maxx or that I love these shoes almost more than life itself? Well maybe not that strong…but comfort on your feet on a long day makes a world of a difference. Way to go Coach…way to go Tj Maxx!

April 2015 074I purchased my first pair of Aerosoles. I have never heard anyone talk about this brand of shoe before but these were perfect for the outfit I was planning on wearing for the second day of the conference. My feet were killing me from the shoes I had worn on day one of the conference. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and dive in and scoop up these babies. They were very comfortable in the store…so what did I have to lose? I still had the terrible shoes at the hotel that didn’t live to see the next day. Yes…I gave those old shoes a guided tour to the trash.

To my surprise, these were very comfortable and my feet thanked me all day that day. I asked a few of the ladies at the conference if they had ever had a pair of Aerosoles and they said yes…they are awesome! It seems strange that I hadn’t heard of them before…or maybe I had and it just fell out of my brain. My brain gets so full some days that some stuff just has to spill out. But seriously, I will be purchasing Aerosoles again in the future…they are a good shoe worth trying.




Target Shoe Haul (Spring 2015)

April 2015 058Today I am going to talk about my February-April Target Shoe Haul. I am trying something new this year. I have decided to branch out of my Merrell only shoes and try something different. I still have my favorite pairs of Merrell shoes and I will always be a loyal customer but it was just time to branch out and get a few more choices for 2015.

I do know that I have purchased more pairs of shoes than anyone really needs and I do have to admit I have several other pairs of shoes as well that won’t be discussed in this post due to the fact that they were purchased in 2014. I try to rationalize the amount of shoes I have purchased because they were so inexpensive compared to the shoes I usually purchase. So…let’s get on with the review.

First up is this pair of Women’s C9 by Champion Cala Slide Sandals from Target. They are comparable to the Nike and Adidas brand shoes I have purchased in the past for a lot more money. I got these shoes on sale for about $13 from Target. I find these very comfortable and the material does not itch or rub on the tops of my feet. They are very soft and comfortable and fit true to size. For the price…what do you have to lose?

April 2015 069These next two pairs are from Target Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Dedra Woven Elastic Slip-on. They are so comfortable. The shoe is stretchy and so comfortable. I did go up a half size in these shoes, but I wouldn’t have had to. I have had several people comment on these shoes and have gone out to purchase their own! These are comparable to high-end designer shoes for a whole lot less money. I purchased the black pair and went back to purchase the bronze pair.

April 2015 063The bronze pair I wasn’t so sure they were going to go with my clothes and to my surprise, they matched perfectly! Sometimes shoes just look better on and more so when you have a complete outfit just needing the right pair of shoes. AND…these shoes made the outfit!

April 2015 066April 2015 064Ok…now things are about to get crazy. I went to Target to purchase the Women’s Dianne Cap Toe Espadrille Flat in the cream colored shoes with the black tips after seeing them in the Target flyer. They resemble a high-end designer again…at a whole lot less money. So…I rationalized that I could get three pairs and still be ahead financially. I read the reviews and they were mixed. So I first went and purchased the cream pair without trying them on. Bad decision on my part…I needed to go up a size. So I gave my daughter that pair and went back to Target to pick up a size bigger. I absolutely loved how they looked and how comfortable they were. My pair has held up beautifully but unfortunately the pair my daughter got has failed. They started to come apart at the sole.

April 2015 065But since I had such great luck with the pair I received, I went back to Target and picked up the black on black pair and the leopard black pairs. I figured that even if these shoes didn’t last past this season…it didn’t matter because I had saved a lot of money and I was able to get three pairs so I could hopefully make these last longer. Well…the cream and the leopard print shoes have held up beautifully, but I have yet to wear the black pair as you can see in the picture above. After all is said and done, I would still recommend these shoes. I love to have the look of high end for less money. Mossimo has done it again…I just love this brand at Target. It just fits!

April 2015 067 April 2015 068Then I saw these knockoff Converse style shoe in various colors. Women’s Lenia Sneakers by Mossimo Supply what a throwback…I just had to take these babies home. They would look so cute with skinny jeans…ha, that is hilarious…I don’t have skinny jeans! I am planning on wearing these with some cropped jeans and some capris. Nothing against skinny jeans…but that is not a style that I can pull off.

So I purchased the black and the grey because I wear those colors a lot. I have only worn the black pair so far…but they are surprisingly comfortable for a flat shoe. I wore them to work and they felt so good that I couldn’t really tell that I was wearing shoes! And they were so cute with my cropped jeans. Love them!

April 2015 070 April 2015 071

By now you have to be asking yourself…how many more pairs of shoes does she have? Did she buy these all in one trip? Well I only have a few pairs left to review and no…these weren’t all purchased at the same time. All of these shoes were purchased from the end of February through the beginning of April.

The next shoes are Birkenstock look-a-likes. I love these! They are so comfortable and I love that the price didn’t break the bank. I had one concern and that was regarding the fit. Would these fit my narrow feet? Would they fit my friend’s feet as she has wide feet? AND…we both can wear these shoes! It is like the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”…did I just age myself there? Anyway, these shoes are Women‘s Bailey Two Buckle Footbed Sandals by Mossimo Supply. I purchased the white pair and the Cognac shoes. They are very comfortable as well. I have been unable to wear these yet, as for some reason, the Midwest is having some crazy weather this year and I haven’t had the chance.

April 2015 073 April 2015 075These two pairs of shoes I scored for a heck of a deal on clearance. They are the Chandra Scuff Slipper in the Chestnut and Grey colors. I purchased these because they were on clearance. They looked comfortable and they felt comfortable so what did I have to lose, right? I absolutely love them! I wear them almost everyday. I have two dogs that I take out and just walking around the yard in the Midwest, my feet definitely welcomed these cozy warm shoes. For the price I paid for them, I am happy. I do have a pair of Bobs slipper shoes that I already enjoyed and they fit slightly better on my feet. These are a little looser fitting, but I could possibly have gotten too large of a size for me feet. I am very happy with these slipper shoes and they have held up amazingly.

April 2015 072Alright…one last pair of shoes from Target. They are the Women’s Caged Rylee Heel in Cognac. I have yet to try these babies out, but I am really looking forward to it. I tried them on with boot cut jeans and cropped jeans. They look amazing and sexy. I bet if you wore boyfriend jeans and/or skinny jeans, these shoes would totally add that edge. They are high heel shoes, but as I am 6 feet tall, I bought them anyway. Sometimes a girl just needs to embrace her height and buy a pair of heels! I love that these shoes were inexpensive and the material feels great on the feet. The edge of the shoes does not bother or rub my ankles or toes. That was my only concern…I am getting ready to bust these babies out and give them a whirl.

All of these shoes I purchased on sale or on clearance. I am very happy with these shoes. I just love Target and thought I would share the love…my new found love for their shoe line this season.  Why not give them a try? I did…and I am so glad I did!

The best part is…if you have a RED Card (either Debit or Credit)…you always receive 5% off on top of any sales and you receive FREE shipping! So worth it.  Target RED Card


Season to Stock Up…Donation to Domestic Violence/Homeless Coalition

scarves hats and gloves donation

The best time of the year to pick up those end of season items. I found 9 sets of hats, gloves, and scarves on clearance. They were originally $29.99 each and I picked them up for $2.99 each.

I am planning on donating these to domestic violence and/or the homeless shelter next fall. In the meantime, I am storing them in a square utility tote from Thirty-One including a cover to keep them clean.

I love Thirty-One’s organizational items. They help keep me organized. Check out my Thirty-One website above on the shop tab to see all of our spring/summer items that can help you stay organized too.

Square storage tote with lid

Thredup…High-End Designer Online Consignment Store (New & Used)

My newest bag addiction comes via and I thought I would share my love with all of you. I saved almost 400 bucks on a Tory Burch bag new with tags. Check it out…new and used items for women and children. Click on the link above and you will receive $10 off your first purchase. There is something for every one at various price levels.


Baublebar…Have You Heard of It?

baublebarBaublebar…Have you heard of it? Affordable jewelry, fun styles, and quality pieces. They have some funky pieces such as statement pieces and simple designs as well. Free shipping and free returns if you aren’t 100% satisfied. I was saddened to hear that Lia Sophia was going out of business as I purchased quite a bit of jewelry from them in the past. I just loved the weight and quality of their jewelry line. So…now I had to find a different supplier for my addiction to jewelry. I looked a long time and I ran across this company called Baublebar. I had never heard of Baublebar and I asked all of my jewelry addicted friends and followers and they hadn’t heard of it initially either. So…I thought, what do I have to lose? So I decided to give them a try…and I love them! The weight of the pieces I purchased are comparable to those of Lia Sophia. The chains are durable and good quality. I have had many admirers of my jewelry pieces I purchased through Baublebar. I will be shopping with them again. I love that the designs change frequently and there is something for everybody. They have wonderful sales and the choices of metals is a huge plus. I would highly recommend Baublebar to everyone. Hurry to get your sneak peak at what’s new and to get the great sale discount going on right now!

barbed lara bib


Barbed Lara Necklace (Currently out of stock)











Phased Out Bangle Set

princess gem y necklace











Princess Gem Y Necklace







ice tag layered necklace





Ice Tag Layered Necklace











***LINKS CONTAIN AFFILIATES*** Not a sponsored post. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.

Vine Vera Reversatrol Skin Care

Vine Vera Reversatrol Skin Care is amazing! It is spendy but the results warrant a referral. I have never heard of this product line. I was at the mall getting my hair done and got snagged by a lady selling this in a mall kiosk.

This day, I just finished having my hair done and was early for a lunch date at the other end of the mall so I thought I would hear Lisa’s information. I was killing time anyway what could it hurt?

I bought the Vine Vera Eye Collection Reveratrol Age-Defying Serum, the Vine Vera Merlot Collection Reversatrol Moisturizing Day Cream, and the Vine Vera Merlot Reversatrol Refining Peeling. I love all three products…but my favorite is the refining and peeling which you use only once a week. It is light and not sticky like other formulas.

Only complaint is the expense…but I was offered a deal with a percentage off on each additional product. As an added bonus, for Lisa to close her sale, she offered me a  product in a damaged box for half price. The product was unharmed but the box was bent in the corner. So yes please I’ll take 50% off!

There is enough product for over a year to eight months worth…so if you take that into account…the products become a little easier to rationalize the price.

Amazing results…I have been using them for a month and my skin hasn’t looked this good in years and the softness is unmatched. I have used Chanel products that also were wonderful, but I prefer these as I find the formula just a bit better.

Check it out…they give you a free facial and they allow you to sample the products. I have no affiliation with this company. I am just giving my review of a products I am using.