Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals? I don’t like to make them at the first of the year. I prefer to think about what my goals and resolutions are before the end of the year. Usually, in December, I start focusing on working towards the goals. This way, I don’t feel a lot of anxiety or failure if I flounder at the beginning of the year.

To me…it is just like dieting. Nobody wants to start a diet on a Monday…that just sets you up to fail. However, as part of my goals for 2017, I am not going to diet. I am making a lifestyle change. I am going to eat healthier; make better choices; eat smaller portions; increase my water intake; and don’t deprive myself of life’s yummy treats…just eat in moderation. This is achievable and I don’t set myself up with unrealistic goals.

However, this is not my primary goal of 2017. The world can be such a cruel place and there is a need for kindness. I am going to find something positive in every day no matter how small or big it is. I am going to be the change I need to see in the world. I am going to reach out and offer kindness to everyone. Random acts of kindness warms my heart and I feel this is something small I can do to change a person’s day.

I have several goals for the year and I am not going to share them all in this post. I just wanted to get back to using my blog and start sharing life with others. I think sharing is caring and I can’t wait to get back in this wonderful community of sharing with you all.

I wish you all a year full of love and happiness.


Marc Jacobs – Sephora Haul

I took a little trip to Sephora last night. It is like a candy store so full of colors, scents, and pretty packaging. I see why some people become addicts to makeup products.

Marc Jacobs was calling me and I felt compelled to take Marc Jacobs home with me last night. I just love how smooth and beautiful these products are.

I am not a makeup addict…well no actual diagnosis has been made…but as I age I am becoming more and more interested in makeup products. Just a little something to smooth out the fine lines and uneven skin tones.

Marc Jacob Lolita eye shadow palette just gave me a little come hither look and I was hooked! The lip glosses…oh my gosh…the beautiful colors and velvety texture…it took one touch on the lips and I was hooked! Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar and Pretty Little Thing came home with me too!

As an added bonus, I advanced once again into the VIB Rouge club and they gave me a little lip color from Marc Jacobs that just lingers on the lips. Then…they threw in a little Marc Jacobs perfume sample. Yikes…Marc Jacobs was coming on strong and I couldn’t resist.

I initially went into Sephora to pick up a Marc Jacobs makeup brush but they didn’t have the one I was looking for. So I settled on this sweet contour brush by Marc Jacobs. The touch is so soft and buttery.

What an experience! I am in love. I will be back. There is more to Marc Jacobs products that I need to explore. This line is quickly becoming one of my favorites. www.sephora.com

Thirty-One Fall Bundles

Welcome Fall! We have a new catalog full of new patterns and products. Click on the shop tab and check out what the new catalog has to offer.

rp_fall-1-300x251.jpg Fall 5 Fall 4 Fall 3 fall 2


Tarte Cosmetics: The Smarter Choice

I absolutely love Tarte Cosmetics. The products are healthy, eco-friendly, and cruelty free. My favorite blushes come from the Tarte Line…the Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes. I have been using them every day as the formula is amazing, just pure yet powerful. They have quite the collection of colors. I believe they have 12 blush colors to choose from. I have only owned and used six of the colors available.

I have also purchased several of the Tarte brushes. I love them! I have only owned Sigma brushes in the past but I am branching out. I did purchase a Chanel brush too, but the price was ridiculous. So…I looked at the Tarte brushes and the price point and I purchased them and gave them a try. I love them and the bamboo handles is a green choice.

tarte concealer

I was recently introduced to the Tarte-Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. Finally a concealer that covers the circles and doesn’t crease by the end of the day to accent those little fine lines. It feels a little oily when you first put it on…but followed up by a loose translucent powder to set it…it is perfect! There is something magical about this concealer.

I love the pigmentation of the Tarte product line. The colors are so pigmented. They blend well and wear easily. I can’t say enough about Tarte. Give them a try…it is the smarter choice in cosmetics.

Tarte Cosmetics



Erin Condren Planners

image imageAm I the last person on the planet that hasn’t streamlined a life by using Erin Condren Planners? I feel that I am way behind the times. I have been reluctant to purchase one because to me I thought these received more hype then needed. To me it was a glorified sticker book with a calendar added. And to tell you the truth…a little old school.

I must admit I was wrong. I have day planners currently for my day job and then my hobby job…plus a personal calendar. Too many things to organize and carry around. I do 99% of my scheduling on my cellphone calendar which has been convenient…but it is hard to glance ahead to plan other events. Here I thought I was being high tech and I just wasn’t cutting it. So…I am back to using technology and good old pen and paper.  So I will give this a try and see if I find this to be beneficial or if it is just a way to make my organization a little more fancy and colorful.

I love the idea of customizing the covers, the layout, etc… I love that they offer a teacher planner as well…a perfect gift for my daughter who just graduated college and will begin her first teaching job soon. A great gift for anyone really.


Target: Organization Caddy

There is something classic and timeless about black and white design. I stumbled across this beauty at Super Target. I just love the versatility of this caddy. It was in the office supply section of the store. I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of these to use in my vanity tower to store makeup brushes and one for the office to store writing utensils. I even like the possibility of using this for a silverware entertaining. Priced at only $7.99 each…I just couldn’t pass that up. Room Essentials Desktop Storage

I love the amount of room for storing my makeup brushes. Oops…looks like I forgot to clean them before snapping this picture. I have another set of Sigma Brushes coming in the mail which will fill this up perfectly. I can sort my brushes by type to make it easier to get my makeup application done faster. So many options and the size of this caddy fits perfectly on the shelves in my vanity towers.

Another use of this caddy is for writing utensils in the office/classroom. This is what the caddy was intended for, but I can’t help but think of the many ways I can use these.

Another awesome use would be a silverware caddy. Perfect for a party like today…my birthday! Happy 4th of July everyone. Be safe and have a great Independence Day!







Bissel Symphony All-In-One Vacuum and Steamer Mop 1132A

bissel symphony

My favorite new cleaning tool! What a time saver! What used to take me 45-60 minutes including dry time only takes me 10 minutes including dry time with this tool.

Throw away the mop, mop bucket, and chemical…all you need is this Bissel. The steam mop disinfects without the use of harsh chemicals. All you need is this steam mop…you just add water. The pads are machine washable and it comes with 4 pads. 2 scrubber pads for ceramic tile flooring and 2 regular pads for hardwood and sealed laminate floors.

Bissell 1132A Symphony Vacuum

Zoya Nail Polish Haul

105Have you made the switch to Zoya? Zoya is the healthy choice.

Zoya is toxin-free and not tested on animals…need I say more?

Vegan friendly and free of the terrible 5 toxins: No Dibutyl Phthlate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. The formula is beautiful and free of the terrible chemical odor.

This is my starter set. With over 300 shades to choose from and in several different finishes…I just jumped in and picked 9 shades throughout the rainbow of options. Most of these are cream finish however I did receive a zoya gift sample of three polishes in Hayden, Brooke, and Logan. The three polishes in the back row. I also receive a sample of the 2015 Delight Collection. www.zoya.com


May Monthly Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Paige A. for winning the May Monthly Giveaway of three wonderful Thirty-One items: Retro Metro Weekender, True Beauty Bag, and a zipper Pouch all in the Spotty Dot Pattern. A value of $120!

Organized Bag Lady May Giveaway

may giveaway true beauty bag zipper pouch

retro metro

May monthly giveaway is finally here! This month I am giving away three wonderful Thirty-One items: Retro Metro Weekender, True Beauty Bag, and a zipper Pouch all in the Spotty Dot Pattern. A value of $120!

How do you register to win?

1) You need to be an Organized Bag Lady Facebook follower. To increase your chances to win…follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and my website www.organizedbaglady.com

2) You must leave a comment to this month’s question in the comment sections of any of my social media sites. The question is: If you had $100 to spend this summer, what would you spend it on? (Shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, etc…)

It is just that easy! You must be over 18 years of age or have parental permission to register.

Good luck!