Strong and Majestic…Simply Beautiful

treeA large majestic tree worth admiration. This tree is many years old and has overcome many storms across its path. It has weathered well and stands alone in the middle of an old abandoned farmstead.

The shade this tree provides and the branches that children used to climb just makes we wonder about the life this tree has lived and how many people remember this tree as an important part of their lives.

I imagine a swing on the lower limb where many people used to relax in the beautiful spring and summer weather. The views of the surrounding fields would change every year. I wonder what type of crop was the preference of those who would gaze out at the fields. I assume that the beauty of sunflowers, flax, or lavender would have been the preference. But around here this year it was planted as a wheat field. There is something simple yet magical about the way the wind cuts through the wheat and makes it dance.

I wonder how many kites would have got caught in this massive tree and how many birds have raised their babies in this tree. I wonder why the family left and why nobody else moved in…but I am guessing is was the phasing out of the little farmer to make room for the big farmer. I don’t know for certain, but I could believe this to be true. Many old abandoned farms can be found around this area. The school closed many years ago and the stores closed their doors as well. And yet…this majestic tree still stands strong.

I came across this tree during one of my road trips. So many things to take pictures of along the way…but for some reason this tree caught my attention and my camera lens. It is a simple picture of a simple tree…but to me it is simply beautiful.

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