Jewelry Storage…Thirty-One and Gordmans


003I have a bit of jewelry…maybe just a little too much jewelry. I needed some organization for my fashion jewelry collection. I have weeded down my collection and donated the extra jewelry.

I go through my jewelry every 6-12 months and weed through it and donate the pieces I don’t use or I may have inadvertently purchased duplicates. I did not include my fine jewelry in these organizers.

This first organizer I am using for storage of bracelets is from Thirty-One Gifts. It is called the Uptown Jewelry Bag in the Sunny Stripe pattern. This organizer folds up and fits nicely in luggage. However, I am using this piece hanging in my closet with my other two organizers.

004I have two double sided organizers from Gordmans to store my necklaces and bracelets from Lia Sophia, Silpada, Parklane. and Cookie Lee. The majority of my jewelry is from Lia Sophia. I am a huge fan of these pieces. I love the weight and quality of this jewelry.

I have jewelry trays that house the majority of my earrings…but I have way more necklaces and bracelets than I do earrings, rings, and watches. All of these organizers zipper shut to keep dust off and to keep them from getting dropped accidently. All of these organizers are reasonably priced and of great quality.



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