Another Life Lesson…Thank You Dr. Seuss

Dr. SeussToday was a day of mixed emotions. Today it is official, my mother sold our family home. It is like an end of an era. I am excited for her as I know she really enjoys her new place, but I am sure she had a lump in her throat when she signed those papers today. I know I did.

I wasn’t really attached to the house but the memories that filled it. It really hasn’t felt like home since my dad passed away. It was just a new normal that we were forced to accept.

So many things are tied to the memories in that house. The laughter, the love, the stories, the music…oh, the music…how I would love to hear my dad play one last song. Just to hear his laugh again.

Today is an exciting day…and I am surprised that the sense of loss of my dad has crept back up and slapped me in the face. I can only imagine the feelings my mother is feeling while she pretends to not be bothered by the events of the day.

I will not cry because its over…I will smile because it happened. The memories remain, the love remains, and the stories will still remain.

Just another step in the transitions in life…embrace them and don’t look back. You always need to keep moving forward.  To all of you who have been through this journey and to all of those whose journey has yet to begin…do as Dr. Seuss has said, “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened”.


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