Thirty-One Gifts Room For Two Utility Totes

Front pageOne of my favorite Thirty-One Gifts products…the Room for Two Utility Tote.

I love these Room for Two Utility totes for organizing my gift wrap, gift bags, tissue paper, bows, name tags, and tape. I use two of these totes to separate my seasonal wrapping paper.

The tote on the left is used for my birthday, wedding, all occasion wrap, and my huge collection of tissue paper. In the little pocket on the front and back of this tote stores tape, gift wrap cutter, scissors, and curling ribbon.

The tote on the right is used exclusively for my Christmas wrapping paper, gift bags, bows, name tags, gift wrap cutter, and a scissor for curling ribbon.

These totes are very functional and can be used as one big tote by folding down the center divider.

The pattern of these totes are called the Citrus Medallion pattern. I also own these Room for Two Utility totes in the Black Cross Pop pattern. Hurry while they are still available! Order by August 31st to own these awesome organization tools. Click on the shop tab at the top of my website or contact me directly and I can place your order. Happy organizing!

Birthday Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping

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