When Life Was Simple and Beautiful…

cherry blossomA short trip to Washington DC for work this past May was needed. It was full of sunshine and blooming flowers everywhere I looked. The smell of the Cherry Blossoms filled the air. It was simply beautiful…but work got in the way so I had to make the most of the short time I was given to enjoy the simple beauty of the area. It was a good trip and the conference was actually good as well.

I wish life was always simple and beautiful. Life throws you curve balls and you just need to either catch them or get out of the way! Take the simple things and appreciate them. Avoid the things that cause you stress and anxiety if you can. If you can’t avoid these things, find a good way to ease the stress and anxiety. I use organization to help me deal with stress and anxiety. If I can have some control over things that cause anxiety, I find that the things I can’t control is a little bit easier to accept and/or contend with. Life is messy…life is crazy…but life can be simply beautiful.

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