TJ Maxx Haul…Isaac Jacobs Organizers

TJ Maxx Haul

TJ Maxx!!! I love this store. I have spent hours salivating over the merchandise. I wish we had one in our town…but then I guess it wouldn’t be that special place you stop at and find awesome items a couple of times a year.

So…yesterday I was fortunate to carve out some TJ Maxx time and I scored big! I purchased the awesome September Giveaway item! It is very exciting. I will announce the giveaway on September 1st! Stay tuned…

Here is what I purchased yesterday for my upcoming project:

TJ Maxx haulsI purchased eleven of these Isaac Jacobs acrylic organizers for cosmetics and/or jewelry.

I plan on using these organizers for cosmetics. I have outgrown my current storage and I don’t have a lot of space in my bathroom to store these items. So I purchased stackable organizers that I am planning on using in my drawers or my storage baskets. We will see how I can utilize these. Again, I always buy extra so I have options. What I don’t use for this project, I will find another use for the extra. Nothing goes to waste.

I also made a Sephora haul to update my cosmetics as I have weeded through my current cosmetics and have thrown out stuff I don’t use or it has been long enough that they shouldn’t be used anymore. I will share those with you next as I need those items to utilize these organizers.

I will post pictures of my cosmetics being utilized. Stay tuned…

Well here they are…I stacked them double high in the bathroom vanity drawer. I used a total 5 of these organizers for my cosmetics.

The other organizers I plan on using for my overflowing collection of jewelry. Again nothing goes to waste…



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