Drawer Organizers from Target

Drawer organizers

Unfortunately, I don’t live remotely close to The Container Store. I decided I would go to my local Target, one of my favorite stores, to see if they had any drawer organizers comparable to those at The Container Store. To my surprise, I found these beauties. They fit the bill for my kitchen drawer project.

These drawer organizers are acrylic and fit very well in my kitchen drawers, which apparently are odd sized. I decided it was time for a facelift in the drawers. I wanted something light and easy to find my kitchen tools. Oh, my…there is a future blog in the near future about my crazy need for kitchen gadgets and tools. I think I own everything from the Williams Sonoma catalog, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel, and Gourmet Chef.

Anyway, back to today’s project. I needed better organization and I needed to scale back my kitchen gadgets and tools. So I purchased these containers from Target and used quite a few of them, these are the extras. I wasn’t sure on the configuration I would use or what would be the best fit for my gadgets and drawers so I bought extra so I had options. I love to have options…it takes the anxiety out of the projects.

I should have taken before pictures, but I was a little bit embarrassed by my excess…so I decided if I am embarrassed about it…then I need to make a change and scale back. That is exactly what I did and donated the extras to goodwill.

I will have to post after pictures. Here are some of the after pictures. It is still a work in progress…

Wustof Knives

No more ugly knife block sitting on the counter top…I love this in drawer knife block for my Wustof Knives. I purchased the knives and knife drawer block at Gourmet Chef last year. www.gchef.com





Wisk drawerThese drawer organizers from Target fit perfectly in my drawer to house my various sized whisks. The red whisks were purchased from Target and the stainless steel whisks are from Williams Sonoma.







These drawer organizers worked perfectly for my scaled down collection of spatulas and wooden utensils. The spatulas were purchased through Pampered Chef, Williams Sonoma, and Target. The wooden utensils were purchased through Pampered Chef and TJ Maxx. I know people will think I still have way too many spatulas and wooden utensils, but I do use each and every one of them. I do a lot of baking mostly during the holidays and I used to host lots of social gatherings which I am hoping to revive in the new year.


secondary silverware

These organizers work perfectly for smaller drawers too. This was used to house my secondary silverware set and my hand held cheese grater. The silverware was purchased at Kohls and the cheese grater was purchased through Pampered Chef.







every day silverware
I did not use these organizers for my everyday silverware. For some reason this drawer isn’t squared off and the acrylic organizers just were not made to bend. So I had to stick with my old organizer which was purchased at Target about 11 years ago as was the silverware.

There are other drawers to organize in my kitchen and I will probably use these extra organizers. I will have to continue this project and keep you updated.


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