Furry Family Members…Gotta Love Them!

piperWhat is it about sleeping babies and puppies that makes me feel so at peace? I love this little girl. Piper is the newest member of our family and just turned 6 months old.

Just like babies, puppies come with a lot of equipment. She has more toys than I care to count; healthy treats of all kinds; natural puppy food; angel eyes; etc… She is finally potty trained so no more pee pads taking up valuable real estate.

She has her own Thirty-One bag to house her toys, treats, leash, poop bags, etc… It is a little bit crazy, I have to admit it.

I can watch her sleep for hours, just like I did when my children were younger. There is something so peaceful about it. After a crazy day in the office, it is so nice to come home to my dogs. Yep, I have two dogs and I can’t imagine my life without them.

bellaThis is my beautiful Bella. She turns 4 years old this month. She is my dreamer…as she sleeps she must be dreaming about chasing things.

Bella is trained to pick up her toys and any food she spills. She is my Miss Organized. I don’t know that we really trained her to do this but it sure does help!

So…two dogs, two kids, two jobs, lots of reasons to be organized. Bella also has her own Thirty One bag. It is a little bit crazy, I know and I can admit it. But it sure does help keep her stuff organized.

Piper 1

Piper’s pink Thirty-One bag includes: Angel eyes, dog food, collapsible bowls, leash, poop bags, brush, harness for her seatbelt, blanket, treats, and her favorite toys.

Bella 1Bella’s brown Thirty-One bag includes: blanket, dog food, collapsible bowls, leash, poop bags, brush, harness for her seatbelt, treats, and her favorite toys.

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