Method Products…What a concept!

rp_Method-products1-300x200.jpgMethod products are one of my new favorite things! Oh so many reasons why I love these products…

These products are non-toxic, non-irritating for the eyes, skin, and respiratory system which I believe all products should be. Gone are the days of bleach and ammonia based products. These products have also been proven to be not carcinogenic, not endocrine disrupting, not a reproductive toxin, and not a developmental toxin.

There are also environmental benefits of these products. They are biodegradable, not bioaccumulative, and low aquatic toxicity.  These cleaners are made with naturally derived surfactants which are renewable and work by dissolving and removing dirt. The packaging (bottles) are made from 100% recycled plastic which helps reduce the carbon emitted into the atmosphere.

The products are either scent free/dye free or they are available in fruit/herb scents that are mild and not overwhelming. These products are very people and pet friendly, another added bonus.  These products are never tested on animals either!

I have personally used all of the products in the photo above. I will review them below. There are other products in the Method product line, I just haven’t used them yet.

Method Pure Naked Body Wash: Love, love, love these body washes. The fragrance is so subtle and the body wash itself is smooth and works beautifully. I also love that there is no film build up in the showers like other body washes.

Method Hand Sanitizer: Love these cute little bottles. All three of these are the same scent just in different designs. I love these! They don’t smell like alcohol, they don’t burn and dry your skin like other hand sanitizers. They have just a subtle fragrance that doesn’t burn everyone’s noses…which is awesome!

Method Dish Soap: Love the fragrance, again very subtle. I love the feel of it on my hands and it works wonderfully on my dishes. I have read some reviews and some people believed that it didn’t cut the grease, but I have never had an once of trouble with greasy dishes, but then again, I try to eat healthier and use less grease. I still recommend trying it.

Method Foaming Soap: Love the foaming soap. I love foaming soap better than liquid soaps. You don’t use too much and it cleans without drying your hands out. These soaps come in both liquid and foaming, but I have never tried the liquid soap. They also come in decorative bottles, but I love the simple and clean look of this soap so I use it in all of my bathrooms.

Method Laundry Detergent: I love this soap! It comes in a small bottle unlike the Tide I have used for decades. The laundry soap is 8X concentrated so you use very little and it is available for high efficiency (HE) machines. There are no fillers added like other laundry soaps. I use the free and clear laundry soap which is free from dyes and fragrances as one of my children has allergies and has sensitive skin. Also, why do we need dyes and fragrances to clean our clothes? Clean is not a smell…is it?

Method Wood Cleaner: This is my newest purchase. I have only used it a couple of times and so far I like it. The scent only comes in almond, which isn’t my first choice, but if it cleans the dust, it doesn’t really matter to me.

Method All-Surface Cleaner: I love this stuff…it has replaced several of the cleaners I used to use. It does everything! So instead of having 5 different cleaners, I only have to use one! I love the fragrance and the cleanliness of this product. It doesn’t leave a film on your furniture and counters like other name brand cleaners. I use this product every day. Did I say I love this stuff?

I did notice today at Target, they have air fresheners in their product line. I am not a fan of air fresheners, but if anyone has tried the Method brand air fresheners, please share your reviews in the comment section below. I would love to hear how they work!

Where do you find Method products? I don’t know exactly all of the places they sell this product line, but where I live, I have purchased them at Target and Home Depot. A few friends from out of state mentioned that they purchase their products at their local grocery stores.

If you haven’t tried it, go ahead and give it a try. I honestly believe that you will love them too! If you have tried them, please share your opinions on the products you have used in the comments below.

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