Jewelry Declutter: Michael Kors and Fossil Watches

It is time for another jewelry purge and declutter. I have grown a collection of jewelry from my twenties and into my forties and my tastes have changed over the years. Today I have a small purge and declutter of my watches. I have 7 watches and it is time to let some go.

I love the Michael Kors and Fossil watches because of their heft and quality. The majority of my watches are Michael Kors pieces. #michaelkors #fossil #watches

I started out with 7 watches and I ended up saving all but one. I am on the fence about keeping the gold watch with the hot pink face as I don’t wear a lot of gold jewelry. I may end up purging that piece before I complete my jewelry purging project.

The glass storage containers are the same as I use to store my bracelets. I just love these! Glass Storage

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