Jewelry Declutter: Lia Sophia Bracelets

It is time for a jewelry purge and declutter. I have grown a collection of jewelry from my twenties and into my forties and my tastes have changed over the years. Today I started my purge and declutter series with my bracelets. I have about 40 bracelets and I can’t even tell you the last times I wore some of these pieces. It is time to let them go so others can enjoy them as much as I used to. The majority of my bracelets are Lia Sophia pieces. I was not a distributor for Lia Sophia. I just loved the heft and quality of the Lia Sophia pieces.  #liasophia #bracelets

I started out with 39 bracelets and I ended up just saving 7 bracelets. I already feel relieved to have less and only kept the pieces I actually wear frequently.

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I love my storage for these bracelets. I purchased these glass storage items at Target. I have a couple of these that are empty now and I plan on putting my watches into these pieces after I purge a few watches. Glass jewelry storage

Here is the photo of all of my bracelets that I am purging and decluttering:

I have decided to keep just 7 bracelets. Have you done any decluttering and purging of your jewelry collection? It proved to be a lot easier than I anticipated. Here is the photo after my purge and declutter:

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