Natural & Chemical Free Home Cleaning Tips

Who doesn’t enjoy a fresh clean home?  I like to have a clean home that also has a nice fragrance that is natural, chemical free, and pet friendly.

Here are 10 Tips that I use that you may find helpful.

Tip 1: Open the windows (weather permitting)

Fresh air is always the best way to freshen up the house and it doesn’t cost a thing!

Tip 2: Use essential oils

Replace your furnace filter every month. I like to put a couple of drops of essential oils on the new filter so when the furnace runs it releases a hint of the essential oil aroma throughout the house.

Place a couple of drops of essential oils on the inside of the toilet paper roll. (Eucalyptus oil, lavender, or any other oil you prefer.) It gives the bathroom a hint of freshness without being overpowering.

Make toilet bombs for cleaning your toilets. (Baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils). I make mine into daisy shapes and let them harden. Once hardened, I place 1-2 daisies in the toilet bowl to clean it instead of using chemical based toilet bowl cleaners.

Tip 3: Baking soda is a great neutralizer

I use baking soda for several things so I opt to buy the 5 pound bag. When emptying the trash, I place a new garbage bag with a little baking soda added to the bottom into the garbage can. It is especially helpful with dealing with kitchen garbage odors as the garbage waits to be taken out again.

Tip 4: Clean walls, baseboards, countertops, sink, etc… with a homemade cleaner with natural cleansers.

I take out my collapsible dish pan. I love that this dish pan collapses for easy storage. I fill it 3/4 full with hot water. I add vinegar, baking soda, Honest Company dish soap, and a little lemon and/or peppermint essential oils. These are natural cleaners/deodorizers and will leave your house smelling and feeling amazing.

Water and vinegar mixture is also a simple natural multi-surface cleaner.

Tip 5: Steam Clean Floors

I use a Bissell steamer vacuum/mop that kills 99% of germs by heating plain water to steam the dirt and debris from my hardwood and ceramic tile floors. Nothing else is added but water. You could add a little vinegar if you prefer, but I think water is enough for this task.

Tip 6: Clean carpets, rugs, and furniture

I like to use baking soda with a few drops of essential oils (I prefer peppermint oil as it helps kill dust mites and insects). I take a bowl of baking soda and add a couple of drops of essential oils. Then I take a small sifter and apply a light dusting of this mixture and sprinkle over carpet, rugs, and furniture. Let this mixture sit for at least 30 minutes and then vacuum it up. I use a variety of vacuums: the RoombaShark Handvac and a Bissel Pet Hair Eraser because we have two dogs in our home.

Tip 7: Fresh bedding and mattresses

I clean my mattresses with the same method as tip 6. I remove all bedding to be laundered. I then sprinkle this mixture on the mattress and leave on for at least 30 minutes before vacuuming it up. Then apply the freshly cleaned linens. (I make my own natural and chemical free laundry soap)

Tip 8: Diffusers and air purifiers

I like to diffuse water mixed with essential oils in my home with the aria ultrasonic diffuser and the home diffuser (dew drop). I even have a little USB diffuser for my office and car. I usually combine water with lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oil mixture. The blend is great for those with allergies.

I have a couple of air purifiers on each level of my home to help keep the allergens and dust out of the air. They run 24/7 and are cleaned routinely.

Tip 9: Use vinegar (white distilled)

I like to use vinegar and water for a quick natural cleaner for small cleanups, to clean the inside of my fridge, and to rid cooking odors from the kitchen.

Sometimes the foods we love to eat come with a very distinctive smell. The smell just loves to linger. After I have cleaned up my cooking mess and loaded the dishwasher, I like to place a small bowl of white distilled vinegar on the counter. I let it sit there over night to absorb the odors. In the morning, the smell is gone.

I dispose of the vinegar into my sink after adding a little baking soda to the drains. This way, I am not wasting the vinegar. I repurpose that used vinegar to clean out my kitchen pipes to make sure no odors are lingering there.

*Important: when storing homemade cleaners containing essential oils, it is best to store them in amber glass bottles (these are the ones I use) because they are UV protected, lead free and BPA free.

Tip 10: Minimize tracking debris in the house

Don’t wear shoes in the house to avoid bringing debris inside. Also, wipe pets feet when coming inside.

I have other tips and tricks I can share in the future. I tried to keep this list manageable without going over 10.

*Note: I do not sell Young Living Essential Oils. You can use whatever brand you prefer. I would recommend pure and organic essential oils. I happen to have been introduced to these oils first and have been very happy with the quality of them and I have had no need to find another brand.

I do from time to time use cleaners from the Honest Company and Mrs. Meyers to supplement my cleaning routine. These are a few of my favorites:

Do you have any cleaning tips that you would like to share with us? We would love to find new cleaning ideas.

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