A Moose on the Loose!

Happy second day of January! We are experiencing yet another winter storm in the Midwest. We have had over 50 inches of snow in December and now on day two of January we are supposed to be adding another 4-9 inches!

Lots of snow for my family of snowmobilers and they are excited about this new powder. I would just like to see the sun again! School is starting late again tomorrow morning due to weather and road conditions. This is just going to be one of those rare winters when there is nothing more we can do but learn acceptance for all that comes.

With this crazy weather we are experiencing, it seems like we are seeing a lot more wildlife around than in years past. Look at this guy that came around…a moose on the loose! These animals are so much bigger and more aggressive than they appear. I couldn’t help snapping a quick photo before he ran away.

I am grateful to have found some beauty amongst this otherwise gloomy weather. It does not help to complain or be negative about it. The lesson is to learn acceptance for things you can not change. Acceptance is a very hard thing to learn. Stay positive it is a new year full of possibilities.

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