Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017!

Do you make New Year’s resolutions or goals? I don’t like to make them at the first of the year. I prefer to think about what my goals and resolutions are before the end of the year. Usually, in December, I start focusing on working towards the goals. This way, I don’t feel a lot of anxiety or failure if I flounder at the beginning of the year.

To me…it is just like dieting. Nobody wants to start a diet on a Monday…that just sets you up to fail. However, as part of my goals for 2017, I am not going to diet. I am making a lifestyle change. I am going to eat healthier; make better choices; eat smaller portions; increase my water intake; and don’t deprive myself of life’s yummy treats…just eat in moderation. This is achievable and I don’t set myself up with unrealistic goals.

However, this is not my primary goal of 2017. The world can be such a cruel place and there is a need for kindness. I am going to find something positive in every day no matter how small or big it is. I am going to be the change I need to see in the world. I am going to reach out and offer kindness to everyone. Random acts of kindness warms my heart and I feel this is something small I can do to change a person’s day.

I have several goals for the year and I am not going to share them all in this post. I just wanted to get back to using my blog and start sharing life with others. I think sharing is caring and I can’t wait to get back in this wonderful community of sharing with you all.

I wish you all a year full of love and happiness.


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