Marc Jacobs – Sephora Haul

I took a little trip to Sephora last night. It is like a candy store so full of colors, scents, and pretty packaging. I see why some people become addicts to makeup products.

Marc Jacobs was calling me and I felt compelled to take Marc Jacobs home with me last night. I just love how smooth and beautiful these products are.

I am not a makeup addict…well no actual diagnosis has been made…but as I age I am becoming more and more interested in makeup products. Just a little something to smooth out the fine lines and uneven skin tones.

Marc Jacob Lolita eye shadow palette just gave me a little come hither look and I was hooked! The lip glosses…oh my gosh…the beautiful colors and velvety texture…it took one touch on the lips and I was hooked! Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar and Pretty Little Thing came home with me too!

As an added bonus, I advanced once again into the VIB Rouge club and they gave me a little lip color from Marc Jacobs that just lingers on the lips. Then…they threw in a little Marc Jacobs perfume sample. Yikes…Marc Jacobs was coming on strong and I couldn’t resist.

I initially went into Sephora to pick up a Marc Jacobs makeup brush but they didn’t have the one I was looking for. So I settled on this sweet contour brush by Marc Jacobs. The touch is so soft and buttery.

What an experience! I am in love. I will be back. There is more to Marc Jacobs products that I need to explore. This line is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

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