Erin Condren Planners

image imageAm I the last person on the planet that hasn’t streamlined a life by using Erin Condren Planners? I feel that I am way behind the times. I have been reluctant to purchase one because to me I thought these received more hype then needed. To me it was a glorified sticker book with a calendar added. And to tell you the truth…a little old school.

I must admit I was wrong. I have day planners currently for my day job and then my hobby job…plus a personal calendar. Too many things to organize and carry around. I do 99% of my scheduling on my cellphone calendar which has been convenient…but it is hard to glance ahead to plan other events. Here I thought I was being high tech and I just wasn’t cutting it. So…I am back to using technology and good old pen and paper.  So I will give this a try and see if I find this to be beneficial or if it is just a way to make my organization a little more fancy and colorful.

I love the idea of customizing the covers, the layout, etc… I love that they offer a teacher planner as well…a perfect gift for my daughter who just graduated college and will begin her first teaching job soon. A great gift for anyone really.

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