Target Clothing Haul: Mossimo

001002I have been busy…choosing to be happy! It sounds funny but it is true. I have been storing clothes in smaller and larger sizes for so long as my weight has fluctuated over the years. Anyway, every time I go into the closet, I see those clothes and I start to feel bad about myself. It is weird to hear that…but it is true. I had some beautiful clothes that were in great shape and were expensive at the time, but that is not the reason to keep them. They should be donated to someone who could love them and wear them now.

So…I got rid of my smaller sizes as it wasn’t fair to me to constantly have the reminder that I used to be smaller and that just sets me up for failure. So…I read a wonderful book and the gist of the book was choosing to be happy…and that we can control our happiness to some extent. So…I chose to get rid of all the clothes that were too small and a constant reminder and also the ones I had in a bigger size.

So I can happily say, that for the first time in almost 20 years, everything in my closet fits me! And what a great feeling it is to hear and see it!

I have done some shopping since the first of the year at Tj Maxx, Kohls, Eddie Bauer, and Target to fill the holes in my wardrobe. The biggest amount of items are staple items from Target. I purchased 42 pieces…which sounds like a lot…and it is…but considering the amount of clothes that I got rid of and some were just worn out…it was time. I purchased camisoles, tanks, capris, shorts, jeans, sweaters, blouses, long sleeve tanks, skirts, and other lightweight tops.

I am a tall girl with some curves so it is usually very difficult to find clothes to fit my body. Either the arm length is too short; it clings tight to the chest; or it lays funny at my hips. So some of these items I purchased fit all of my requirements and actually were quite flattering so I purchased several in several different colors. I have always done this. I wear one until it is ready to be replaced and then I pull out the exact same top and remove the tags and then wear it until it has lived a long full life.

I hate clothing shopping for myself…I always have. I think it is because it is so difficult to find clothes to fit my body and then to find clothes that fit tall and healthy body types.  So…please don’t judge the amount of clothes that I have purchased the last few months….it will be years before I do that again.

The thing I like about the Target clothes I purchased is the brand Mossimo. He manages to design clothes that fit most body styles…most importantly they fit me! I don’t wear any other brand at Target because they don’t fit. I love that the Mossimo brand is inexpensive yet has the look of higher end clothes. The softness of the pieces are amazing and the fit even more amazing!

I love Eddie Bauer and I love the jeans they sell. I need the extra length and it is really hard to find pants with a long enough inseam for me without having to wear men jeans. So I did stock up on jeans and other staples. Tj Maxx I was able to find just a couple of pieces but they can be worn all year long, so it was worth paying the higher price, or at least that is how I rationalized the purchases.

Anyway, the morale of the story is to choose to be happy. The amount of clothes I purchased did not make me happy, but the fact that I accepted myself the way I am and chose to remove the negativity invoking items in my closet has made me happy.

I have down sized my handbags, scarves, makeup, etc… It makes me feel so much happier without the excess. It is the small things that make me happy. Here is to the next small step in finding happiness.

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