Baublebar…Have You Heard of It?

baublebarBaublebar…Have you heard of it? Affordable jewelry, fun styles, and quality pieces. They have some funky pieces such as statement pieces and simple designs as well. Free shipping and free returns if you aren’t 100% satisfied. I was saddened to hear that Lia Sophia was going out of business as I purchased quite a bit of jewelry from them in the past. I just loved the weight and quality of their jewelry line. So…now I had to find a different supplier for my addiction to jewelry. I looked a long time and I ran across this company called Baublebar. I had never heard of Baublebar and I asked all of my jewelry addicted friends and followers and they hadn’t heard of it initially either. So…I thought, what do I have to lose? So I decided to give them a try…and I love them! The weight of the pieces I purchased are comparable to those of Lia Sophia. The chains are durable and good quality. I have had many admirers of my jewelry pieces I purchased through Baublebar. I will be shopping with them again. I love that the designs change frequently and there is something for everybody. They have wonderful sales and the choices of metals is a huge plus. I would highly recommend Baublebar to everyone. Hurry to get your sneak peak at what’s new and to get the great sale discount going on right now!

barbed lara bib


Barbed Lara Necklace (Currently out of stock)











Phased Out Bangle Set

princess gem y necklace











Princess Gem Y Necklace







ice tag layered necklace





Ice Tag Layered Necklace











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