Purse and Handbag Storage Solutions…



I have a slight obsession with the Your Way Rectangle with the Your Way Rectangle lids in the Black Cross Pop pattern from Thirty-One.

I currently have a dozen of them in my closet and if I didn’t sell Thirty-One I would still buy them! See, the thing is they hide all of my purses so it looks like I have less. You can’t imagine how many purses and zipper pouches and cosmetic bags I have hidden in there. I have stuffed those containers nice and full. The containers are very nice looking and of great quality.

The added benefit is that my closet looks more organized. You can’t go around calling yourself the Organized Bag Lady without having your bags organized, right?

Unfortunately they are too small for my big purses, but I just keep them in the office with the rest of my Thirty-One products.

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