Pottery Barn Vanity: Makeup & Jewelry Storage

I received this beautiful piece of furniture for Christmas a few years back. It is the Hampton Vanity Tower & Super Set from Pottery Barn Teen.

It is a beautiful piece of furniture and organizational tool as is, but I had to make a couple of modifications to it. I didn’t like the look of the cork boards on the inside of the doors. I covered them in foam board wrapped in fabric. I use this section to hang my necklaces and it works beautifully.

I also didn’t want the expense of buying storage pieces to use within the drawers to organize my makeup and jewelry. So I opted to make simple DIY drawer organizers out of foam board and covered them in fabric. It is visually pleasing and very inexpensive and makes this look like a custom piece.

This is the before picture without the drawer organizers. As you can see, there is a lot of storage and possibilities for organization. Below, you will see the DIY drawer organizers that I made for a more customized organization.

I have had this piece organized several different ways over the past few years. I am getting ready to reorganize and declutter my makeup and jewelry. I will post photos here of the before and after.

Do you have some helpful tips to share on how you organize your makeup and jewelry?

Marc Jacobs – Sephora Haul

I took a little trip to Sephora last night. It is like a candy store so full of colors, scents, and pretty packaging. I see why some people become addicts to makeup products.

Marc Jacobs was calling me and I felt compelled to take Marc Jacobs home with me last night. I just love how smooth and beautiful these products are.

I am not a makeup addict…well no actual diagnosis has been made…but as I age I am becoming more and more interested in makeup products. Just a little something to smooth out the fine lines and uneven skin tones.

Marc Jacob Lolita eye shadow palette just gave me a little come hither look and I was hooked! The lip glosses…oh my gosh…the beautiful colors and velvety texture…it took one touch on the lips and I was hooked! Marc Jacobs Sugar Sugar and Pretty Little Thing came home with me too!

As an added bonus, I advanced once again into the VIB Rouge club and they gave me a little lip color from Marc Jacobs that just lingers on the lips. Then…they threw in a little Marc Jacobs perfume sample. Yikes…Marc Jacobs was coming on strong and I couldn’t resist.

I initially went into Sephora to pick up a Marc Jacobs makeup brush but they didn’t have the one I was looking for. So I settled on this sweet contour brush by Marc Jacobs. The touch is so soft and buttery.

What an experience! I am in love. I will be back. There is more to Marc Jacobs products that I need to explore. This line is quickly becoming one of my favorites. www.sephora.com

Tarte Cosmetics: The Smarter Choice

I absolutely love Tarte Cosmetics. The products are healthy, eco-friendly, and cruelty free. My favorite blushes come from the Tarte Line…the Amazonian Clay 12-hour blushes. I have been using them every day as the formula is amazing, just pure yet powerful. They have quite the collection of colors. I believe they have 12 blush colors to choose from. I have only owned and used six of the colors available.

I have also purchased several of the Tarte brushes. I love them! I have only owned Sigma brushes in the past but I am branching out. I did purchase a Chanel brush too, but the price was ridiculous. So…I looked at the Tarte brushes and the price point and I purchased them and gave them a try. I love them and the bamboo handles is a green choice.

tarte concealer

I was recently introduced to the Tarte-Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. Finally a concealer that covers the circles and doesn’t crease by the end of the day to accent those little fine lines. It feels a little oily when you first put it on…but followed up by a loose translucent powder to set it…it is perfect! There is something magical about this concealer.

I love the pigmentation of the Tarte product line. The colors are so pigmented. They blend well and wear easily. I can’t say enough about Tarte. Give them a try…it is the smarter choice in cosmetics.

Tarte Cosmetics



Organized Bag Lady May Giveaway

may giveaway true beauty bag zipper pouch

retro metro

May monthly giveaway is finally here! This month I am giving away three wonderful Thirty-One items: Retro Metro Weekender, True Beauty Bag, and a zipper Pouch all in the Spotty Dot Pattern. A value of $120!

How do you register to win?

1) You need to be an Organized Bag Lady Facebook follower. To increase your chances to win…follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and my website www.organizedbaglady.com

2) You must leave a comment to this month’s question in the comment sections of any of my social media sites. The question is: If you had $100 to spend this summer, what would you spend it on? (Shoes, handbags, jewelry, makeup, etc…)

It is just that easy! You must be over 18 years of age or have parental permission to register.

Good luck!


April Giveaway Winners Announced!


April Monthly Giveaway Winners Announced!!! Nine West Shopper Tote Bags from Nordstrom Rack/Hautelook was awarded to two winners. The totes are valued at $200(+) each and I also included some brand new Thirty-One items inside each tote as an added bonus.

The Black/Gray tote was awarded to Cheryl M of North Dakota. Congratulations Cheryl!

The Brown tote was awarded to Amy O. of South Carolina. Congratulations Amy!

The May giveaway will be announced shortly!


Scarves and Pashminas Haul

027 028 031036I scored some awesome deals on end of season items. I got some awesome scarves and pashminas for next fall/winter.

I purchased some of these from Thredup; American Eagle; Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren; Express; Forever 21; Club Monaco; Banana Republic; Paula BiancoJ. Crew; and Christopher & Banks.

This first photo shows the awesome pashminas. (Two in pink, one plum, and one black and silver)

The second photo shows the awesome cashmere scarves I purchased. (One brown, one royal blue, one pink, and one charcoal, gray, and white)

The third photo shows some knit and acrylic scarves. (Royal blue, aqua, blue, peach and coral, and black)

The last photo shows come awesome scarves I picked up at Christopher & Banks. (Hot pink, black infinity, and hot pink and white)

I will not be keeping all of these for my own personal use. I will donate half of these to charity along with the winter scarf/hat/gloves set I picked up and blogged about in a previous post.

The sales are just too great to miss and pay it forward to those who need these items. Some are warm weather scarves and some are accessory scarves.

I have donated all but 10 scarves already to charity this year out of my personal wardrobe.

I am trying to keep my wardrobe to 10 scarves or less. Anytime I purchase a new one I will add one from my existing collection to charity.

Thredup…New Bag Addiction

My newest bag addiction comes via Thredup.com and I thought I would share my love with all of you. I saved almost 400 bucks on a Tory Burch bag new with tags. Check it out…new and used items for women and children.








Here are a few other awesome handbags I scored from Thredup for a fraction of the retail price!
Can you say “Score”? Whoop Whoop! I saved almost $1500 total off retail price for these handbags from Thredup.



These are both Rebecca Minkoff Purses. The red one is new with tags and the brown one was marked practically new and I don’t believe it was used at all. Perfect condition!





The pink bag is a Steve Madden bag that is new with tags and the tan/taupe bag is a Juicy Couture tote marked practically new and shows absolutely no wear.





These two are probably my favorite handbag scores from Thredup. The black/charcoal gray purse is a brand new Tory Burch purse which makes me a very smitten kitten! LOVE IT!

The turquoise is a Kate Spade marked as practically new and I can’t see any use or wear at all.


I have a bag addiction, I can admit it. I just like to be organized and prepared. But in all fairness, I did donate 14 purses to charity last month and almost as many to charity this month.

I did bid on a Rebecca Minkoff bag at a charity auction for Feed America and it looks like I may be top bidder, so I will be adding just one more bag. But that is it…I will get rid of one bag for any new bag I add to my wardrobe. It is good to have a plan.

Target Clothing Haul: Mossimo

001002I have been busy…choosing to be happy! It sounds funny but it is true. I have been storing clothes in smaller and larger sizes for so long as my weight has fluctuated over the years. Anyway, every time I go into the closet, I see those clothes and I start to feel bad about myself. It is weird to hear that…but it is true. I had some beautiful clothes that were in great shape and were expensive at the time, but that is not the reason to keep them. They should be donated to someone who could love them and wear them now.

So…I got rid of my smaller sizes as it wasn’t fair to me to constantly have the reminder that I used to be smaller and that just sets me up for failure. So…I read a wonderful book and the gist of the book was choosing to be happy…and that we can control our happiness to some extent. So…I chose to get rid of all the clothes that were too small and a constant reminder and also the ones I had in a bigger size.

So I can happily say, that for the first time in almost 20 years, everything in my closet fits me! And what a great feeling it is to hear and see it!

I have done some shopping since the first of the year at Tj Maxx, Kohls, Eddie Bauer, and Target to fill the holes in my wardrobe. The biggest amount of items are staple items from Target. I purchased 42 pieces…which sounds like a lot…and it is…but considering the amount of clothes that I got rid of and some were just worn out…it was time. I purchased camisoles, tanks, capris, shorts, jeans, sweaters, blouses, long sleeve tanks, skirts, and other lightweight tops.

I am a tall girl with some curves so it is usually very difficult to find clothes to fit my body. Either the arm length is too short; it clings tight to the chest; or it lays funny at my hips. So some of these items I purchased fit all of my requirements and actually were quite flattering so I purchased several in several different colors. I have always done this. I wear one until it is ready to be replaced and then I pull out the exact same top and remove the tags and then wear it until it has lived a long full life.

I hate clothing shopping for myself…I always have. I think it is because it is so difficult to find clothes to fit my body and then to find clothes that fit tall and healthy body types.  So…please don’t judge the amount of clothes that I have purchased the last few months….it will be years before I do that again.

The thing I like about the Target clothes I purchased is the brand Mossimo. He manages to design clothes that fit most body styles…most importantly they fit me! I don’t wear any other brand at Target because they don’t fit. I love that the Mossimo brand is inexpensive yet has the look of higher end clothes. The softness of the pieces are amazing and the fit even more amazing!

I love Eddie Bauer and I love the jeans they sell. I need the extra length and it is really hard to find pants with a long enough inseam for me without having to wear men jeans. So I did stock up on jeans and other staples. Tj Maxx I was able to find just a couple of pieces but they can be worn all year long, so it was worth paying the higher price, or at least that is how I rationalized the purchases.

Anyway, the morale of the story is to choose to be happy. The amount of clothes I purchased did not make me happy, but the fact that I accepted myself the way I am and chose to remove the negativity invoking items in my closet has made me happy.

I have down sized my handbags, scarves, makeup, etc… It makes me feel so much happier without the excess. It is the small things that make me happy. Here is to the next small step in finding happiness.

March Monthly Giveaway Winner Announced!

timless beauty bag sephora gift cardCongratulations to Lisa B. for winning the March Monthly Giveaway of a Thirty-One Timeless Beauty Bag and a gift certificate to Sephora! The value of the Timeless Beauty Bag is $25 and the gift certificate to Sephora is worth $50.

Don’t forget to register for the April Monthly Giveaway being announced shortly!

Target Shoe Haul (Spring 2015)

April 2015 058Today I am going to talk about my February-April Target Shoe Haul. I am trying something new this year. I have decided to branch out of my Merrell only shoes and try something different. I still have my favorite pairs of Merrell shoes and I will always be a loyal customer but it was just time to branch out and get a few more choices for 2015.

I do know that I have purchased more pairs of shoes than anyone really needs and I do have to admit I have several other pairs of shoes as well that won’t be discussed in this post due to the fact that they were purchased in 2014. I try to rationalize the amount of shoes I have purchased because they were so inexpensive compared to the shoes I usually purchase. So…let’s get on with the review.

First up is this pair of Women’s C9 by Champion Cala Slide Sandals from Target. They are comparable to the Nike and Adidas brand shoes I have purchased in the past for a lot more money. I got these shoes on sale for about $13 from Target. I find these very comfortable and the material does not itch or rub on the tops of my feet. They are very soft and comfortable and fit true to size. For the price…what do you have to lose?

April 2015 069These next two pairs are from Target Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Dedra Woven Elastic Slip-on. They are so comfortable. The shoe is stretchy and so comfortable. I did go up a half size in these shoes, but I wouldn’t have had to. I have had several people comment on these shoes and have gone out to purchase their own! These are comparable to high-end designer shoes for a whole lot less money. I purchased the black pair and went back to purchase the bronze pair.

April 2015 063The bronze pair I wasn’t so sure they were going to go with my clothes and to my surprise, they matched perfectly! Sometimes shoes just look better on and more so when you have a complete outfit just needing the right pair of shoes. AND…these shoes made the outfit!

April 2015 066April 2015 064Ok…now things are about to get crazy. I went to Target to purchase the Women’s Dianne Cap Toe Espadrille Flat in the cream colored shoes with the black tips after seeing them in the Target flyer. They resemble a high-end designer again…at a whole lot less money. So…I rationalized that I could get three pairs and still be ahead financially. I read the reviews and they were mixed. So I first went and purchased the cream pair without trying them on. Bad decision on my part…I needed to go up a size. So I gave my daughter that pair and went back to Target to pick up a size bigger. I absolutely loved how they looked and how comfortable they were. My pair has held up beautifully but unfortunately the pair my daughter got has failed. They started to come apart at the sole.

April 2015 065But since I had such great luck with the pair I received, I went back to Target and picked up the black on black pair and the leopard black pairs. I figured that even if these shoes didn’t last past this season…it didn’t matter because I had saved a lot of money and I was able to get three pairs so I could hopefully make these last longer. Well…the cream and the leopard print shoes have held up beautifully, but I have yet to wear the black pair as you can see in the picture above. After all is said and done, I would still recommend these shoes. I love to have the look of high end for less money. Mossimo has done it again…I just love this brand at Target. It just fits!

April 2015 067 April 2015 068Then I saw these knockoff Converse style shoe in various colors. Women’s Lenia Sneakers by Mossimo Supply what a throwback…I just had to take these babies home. They would look so cute with skinny jeans…ha, that is hilarious…I don’t have skinny jeans! I am planning on wearing these with some cropped jeans and some capris. Nothing against skinny jeans…but that is not a style that I can pull off.

So I purchased the black and the grey because I wear those colors a lot. I have only worn the black pair so far…but they are surprisingly comfortable for a flat shoe. I wore them to work and they felt so good that I couldn’t really tell that I was wearing shoes! And they were so cute with my cropped jeans. Love them!

April 2015 070 April 2015 071

By now you have to be asking yourself…how many more pairs of shoes does she have? Did she buy these all in one trip? Well I only have a few pairs left to review and no…these weren’t all purchased at the same time. All of these shoes were purchased from the end of February through the beginning of April.

The next shoes are Birkenstock look-a-likes. I love these! They are so comfortable and I love that the price didn’t break the bank. I had one concern and that was regarding the fit. Would these fit my narrow feet? Would they fit my friend’s feet as she has wide feet? AND…we both can wear these shoes! It is like the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”…did I just age myself there? Anyway, these shoes are Women‘s Bailey Two Buckle Footbed Sandals by Mossimo Supply. I purchased the white pair and the Cognac shoes. They are very comfortable as well. I have been unable to wear these yet, as for some reason, the Midwest is having some crazy weather this year and I haven’t had the chance.

April 2015 073 April 2015 075These two pairs of shoes I scored for a heck of a deal on clearance. They are the Chandra Scuff Slipper in the Chestnut and Grey colors. I purchased these because they were on clearance. They looked comfortable and they felt comfortable so what did I have to lose, right? I absolutely love them! I wear them almost everyday. I have two dogs that I take out and just walking around the yard in the Midwest, my feet definitely welcomed these cozy warm shoes. For the price I paid for them, I am happy. I do have a pair of Bobs slipper shoes that I already enjoyed and they fit slightly better on my feet. These are a little looser fitting, but I could possibly have gotten too large of a size for me feet. I am very happy with these slipper shoes and they have held up amazingly.

April 2015 072Alright…one last pair of shoes from Target. They are the Women’s Caged Rylee Heel in Cognac. I have yet to try these babies out, but I am really looking forward to it. I tried them on with boot cut jeans and cropped jeans. They look amazing and sexy. I bet if you wore boyfriend jeans and/or skinny jeans, these shoes would totally add that edge. They are high heel shoes, but as I am 6 feet tall, I bought them anyway. Sometimes a girl just needs to embrace her height and buy a pair of heels! I love that these shoes were inexpensive and the material feels great on the feet. The edge of the shoes does not bother or rub my ankles or toes. That was my only concern…I am getting ready to bust these babies out and give them a whirl.

All of these shoes I purchased on sale or on clearance. I am very happy with these shoes. I just love Target and thought I would share the love…my new found love for their shoe line this season.  Why not give them a try? I did…and I am so glad I did!

The best part is…if you have a RED Card (either Debit or Credit)…you always receive 5% off on top of any sales and you receive FREE shipping! So worth it.  Target RED Card